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A Website Design/Promotion Guide

Whether your website design is the best website design in the world or not depends on many factors.  Even if you were to have your website designed and built to the highest standards by the best professional web design company in the world - at the end of the day it's place in the internet hall of fame is still down to personal tastes and opinions.

Building the best website needn't take too much skill - generating your idea is often the most difficult part.  Creating the best website can be seen as a task or a challenge - I strongly recommend a focus on the latter.

The world's best website is within your reach.  Don't be put off by the millions of other websites and web designers out there - a good idea and genuinely great website content will pay off if you are persistant and believe in your subject and/or product.

It's important to remember that when initiating the website (the best website in the world that is!), no matter how good it looks or functions - your hard work and/or money will be wasted without proper promotion - it's presence on the world wide web needs to be recognised - Website Promotion is the primary key to success.

Once you've grabbed peoples' attention, it's then down to the site content to keep their interest.

Whether producing the website yourself, or paying somebody else to design and build your website, the following pages should prove to be a helpful guide.

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