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If you're building the 'best website in the world' yourself - depending on your level of technical expertise, you may make a choice between various different web design software programs; if you'd prefer to create your web site at code level, you could use software like AceHTML, EditPlus, CoffeeCup, or Bluefish (or even Notepad), otherwise, if a more assisted approach is preferred, use Dreamweaver or Front Page.

Get a domain and a host, this can cost as little as £25 per year.  Some domains and hosts are free - some of these have banner ads or pop-ups - though there are some that don't.

Get a feel for the speed of the web server that your website (the best website in the world - remember!) is being hosted on - although peoples' internet connection speeds are now generally much higher since dial up users have become a minority, a slow server can still through a spanner in the works.  Keep image sizes to a minimum.

Attach alternative text to all images.

Build text links into all pages - this will help search engines to crawl your website. Make sure that the visitor/customer can access all of your pages without using the browser back button.

Give all pages a relevant title.

If you build the 'best website' with lots of pages it's a good idea to include a site map link.

Back up your website files regularly on a separate hard drive or disk to avoid hours of hard work being lost if your files get corrupted or accidentally deleted.

If you are building your website to send and receive information to and from a database, depending on the number of users you expect - you may choose to use Microsoft Access, or something like SQL Server (which will be more robust and able to handle heavier traffic).

Publish The Best Website in the World: To upload files to your web space, use an FTP program such as CuteFTP or SmartFTP, or if you're building the website with Dreamweaver - make use of it's built in FTP facility.

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