So is it the Best Website in the World?

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By now then you've researched the website, done the website design, built it following the website design, and completed the website promotion.  Has it given you a sense of satisfaction or are you not pleased with the result?

Remember, you can go back to any of the four steps at any time and make necessary tweaks.  Websites are rarely one hundred percent complete.  Even the best website design in the world needs to be maintained and improved.

It's a good idea now to keep a track of website activity - you can register for free onto a website statistics service such as or  Monitor the most common entry and exit web pages, the most popular web pages, the length of stay etc. - with a mind to implement improvements where necessary.  Which search engines are the most popular referrers?, and what keywords were used to find your website?  What are the commonest screen resolutions and web browsers?  Where are your visitors located?
If you would like to provide any feedback on the content of this website - please feel free to email us.  Be it positive or negative - your comments will be taken into consideration.  All the best in future projects.
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