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If it's the case that you're now in possession of potentially the best website in the world, don't let it go to waste.  You owe it to yourself and the internet surfing population to get it out there.  Website promotion is the key - please don't forget that.

According to research statistics, 85% of website traffic comes from search engines, so Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be a high priority if you want the world to see your website.

Begin promoting the 'best website' by submitting the URL and a site map to the most popular internet directories and search engines.  After this, keep checking regularly to see if your web site has been included (do worry if it doesn't show up for a while as it can many days, weeks, or months to appear, depending on the search engine and when you submitted it).

Ensure you've used the best keywords and terms.  Insert a keyword meta tag into the code of each page (if you haven't already done so) with search phrases relevant to your subject matter.  Although not used as much nowadays by search engines, this should still be done.

Mould and manipulate your site until it gets high up in the search engine results pages.

Try using a text browser such as Lynx to crawl your website in the same way that a search engine spider would.  This will give you a view of the text that appears to a spider.  If a web page contains a lot of text, then the spider may only see the first portion of it - for this reason you may want to revisit the design of the web page and aim to bring the more important and descriptive text to nearer the top.

You could also use advertisement services provided by search engines, where you pay each time someone clicks on your advert.  This is an good way of getting your fantastic new web site noticed.

If you have built, and are promoting a website for an already established business - you could include your new website address as part of the header or signature on emails to customers, or include it in an advert in the Yellow Pages or as a link on

If you write in internet forums relating to the same subject area, why not promote your website by including a link in your signature.

Blogs (web logs) are another medium that you could consider.

Generally speaking, it will help you if you have as many inward links to your site on the internet as possible, as additionally to people clicking on them, it will provide a pathway for search engine crawlers to navigate to your website.  Try to get your link onto high quality websites which have content relevant to yours - this is the best way to improve your site's ranking.  Contact site owners that have a reasonably high postion in the search results for your own keywords.

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